Lil Wayne Got The Word ‘Baked’ Tattooed Across His Forehead

I really don’t know what to say about Lil Wayne’s new tat, so let’s see what some of the commenters said about it on his website, on the page it was posted

he done took this tattoo game and skateboarding shit too far now

cmon wayne NO just NO !! :/


fuckin tattoe at a fucken fuckin wrong part man, that shit looks cool, but not in the face, come on Tunechi!!

Yeah, that pretty all pretty much sums it all up better than I could.

The tat, meanwhile, is apparently the logo of some skateboard company. Not sure if that makes this better or worse. Probably worse.

And speaking of baked hip-hop stars, some guy named Drew Magary (he’ll always be “Big Daddy Drew” to us around here) profiles Snoop Dogg/Lion in the new issue of GQ and, in the name of journalism, apparently got stoned with him.

Snoop has picked at his catfish long enough. There’s a medicinal-marijuana dispensary nearby that counts him among its clientele, and he needs to restock his supply. “We gon’ have a good time,” he promises me. “Don’t worry about the time; let’s just have a good time. We gon’ take you to the kush mart. We’ll go to Dina’s spot. That’s my doctor—Doctor Dina.”

Read the whole thing here.

(Via Vulture. GIF via Topher Chris)