Lil Wayne Didn’t Know That Quality Control Music And TDE Were Record Labels

Lil Wayne’s new album Funeral is out now, accompanied by a hilarious and insightful interview with NORE’s Drink Champs podcast. During the interview, Wayne talks about how Jay-Z tried to sign Young Money, it’s revealed that Wayne’s mixtape run made Jay-Z nervous, and Wayne jokes that he’s run into problems with other rappers stemming from him not knowing who they are. Wayne once famously said that the only rapper he listens to is himself, but now we know just how deep that goes.

For one thing, he had no clue that Quality Control Music and Top Dawg Entertainment were the names of music labels, nor who is on them. “I don’t know who TDE is,” he admitted. “See, that’s what happens. That’s what happens. I really thought he was asking me about quality-controlled music, so now I gotta go back. I’m not gonna lie. I damn sure thought we was talking about Floyd Mayweather, so that lets you know where I’m at with this type of shit. I’m into me and me only, man.” Of course, Wayne is referring here to TMT or The Money Team, Mayweather’s boxing brand.

Wayne also pointed out that by not staying current, he stepped into some awkward situations. “I’ve ran into a bunch of artists that had problems with me saying before that I don’t know them publicly and saying that I don’t know who that person was or maybe mistaking that person,” he recalled. “I remember I [mistook] 21 Savage for a damn group. When they asked me [about him] I said ‘They got 21 f*cking little rappers in one group?’ I was so serious. I was like, ‘Man, that’s like a new Wu-Tang, right?’ And the person with the mic was like, ‘You serious right now, huh?’ and I was like, ‘I’m very serious.'”

It was noted on Twitter when Funeral released that Wayne’s been rapping for over 25 years and hasn’t hit 40, but he still gives off strong out-of-touch, funny grandpa vibes with some of these answers. Which makes sense; a lot of the rappers he’s referring to are pretty much his stylistic grandchildren. The good thing is, Funeral shows that even though Father Time remains undefeated, the seemingly ageless Wayne can still keep up with the young pups and likely has quite a few years left before he finally has to hang up his mic.

Watch the full interview on Tidal.