Lil Yachty Gives Bhad Bhabie A Tacit Co-Sign In His ‘Campy’ Video For ‘Count Me In’

Lil Yachty may have aged out of being “King Of The Teens,” but he’s still seen as an arbiter of cool for the youth. His campaign with Nautica has resurrected the brand’s preppy, throwback appeal among his fans and his work with Reebok has likely put a lot more of the iconic sneaker on kids’ feet than we could count. With that being said, get ready to see a lot more of Danielle Bregoli, aka Bhad Bhabie (perhaps still better known as the “Catch Me Outside” girl, but not for long), as Yachty gives her a tacit co-sign by including her in the video for Lil Boat 2 single, “Count Me In.”

While Bregoli doesn’t do any rapping on the song itself, she does hang out with Lil Boat and his crew in a trailer in the desert, bopping along next to Yachty as he raps his verses from the upbeat track. The crew also takes to the skate park to bust out some tricks, then to the sand dunes for some off-roading action.

Lil Yachty’s Lil Boat 2 only just released, but it’s promised some intriguing growth for the young star. While his musical evolution may not please his longtime fans who miss his sunnier work with Burberry Perry (aka TheGoodPerry), it might do plenty to ameliorate critics who complained he didn’t do enough rapping. Now that they know he can spit, perhaps he can return to the upbeat, playful jams that made him so much fun to his day ones.