Lil Yachty’s ‘Minnesota’ Video Will Make You Want Your Own Zamboni

One thing that always gets mentioned in profiles of Lil Yachty is his charisma. His singing voice is unique, and though he does have rapping talent, he’s not always flexing it. Still, there’s something enigmatic about the Atlanta rapper, something that draws you in and refuses to let you go. I experienced it in person at the Made In America Fest when I attempted to walk away from his set several times only to be pulled back in by the next song, and that mojo is fully working in his new video for “Minnesota.”

On paper, there’s nothing all that interesting about Lil Yachty dancing in an ice rink and rapping on top of a zamboni. But he sells it so hard, with such an obvious sense of joy, that you can’t stop watching. Also, definitely worth sticking around to see that nightmarish ice statue of Lil Boat, complete with red beads and grill.

Hockey jerseys aren’t the only ’90s fashion trend that the young rapper/sometime political activist is attempting to resuscitate. To complement his entirely nautical theme, the rapper became a big-time booster of Nautica jackets and even ended up landing his own line with the preppy retailer as they attempt a comeback.