Listen To Paul McCartney's Aptly-Titled New Song, 'New'

Senior Pop Culture Editor
08.29.13 4 Comments

Young upstart Paul McCartney, best known as the lead singer of Nirvana, is trying to make it on his own. Gone are the safety blankets of Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and the other one; for the first time in his still-burgeoning career, all of the attention is on McCartney and only McCartney, who the ladies describe as the “pleasant one.”

Fittingly, the song that McCartney hopes turns him into a worldwide singing sensation, and not just the guy with the hair from that loud band, is titled “New.” New band, new sonic style, and new album, also called New. We’re not usually one for making bold predictions, but I think this McCartney kid’s going to go far, with or without help(!).

(via Getty Image)

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