Lizzo Wore Her Met Gala Outfit To The Airport The Next Morning

Getty Image

One of the first rules of fashion is to never be photographed in the same outfit twice, but leave it to a genre-bending, self-love supporting artist like Lizzo to completely flip the script on that fanciful notion by throwing it out the window completely. Apparently, she apparently loved her Met Gala look so much, she didn’t even bother to change for her early flight, showing up at the airport with the same swishy pink coat she wore last night, and looking every bit a fabulous less than a day later. It’s like the opposite of a Walk of Shame.

There’s no telling whether Lizzo simply threw the same outfit back on after her short stay in New York or whether she simply slept in it — it looks a little like a fuzzy comforter and might make for a cozy flight to wherever she’s headed next. Or maybe she never slept, simply enjoying the high life at New York’s favorite fashion event of the year. Either way, turning up at the airport in the same look is a power move that says the rich and famous can invite her to the party but they can’t change her. It’s the same message she layers throughout her music, including her new album Cuz I Love You: Love yourself unconditionally and do what makes you happy. It’s fun to see that she lives that philosophy all the time, even when she’s got a flight to catch.