Ludacris May Not Be Able To Cook But He Can Fly A Plane Now

Ludacris firmly established the limits of his talents with his Discovery+ television special Ludacris Can’t Cook, but as he captioned his latest Instagram post, “If you don’t evolve, you’ll evaporate.” By the way, he used that post to showcase an example of exactly what he means; apparently, he’s expanded his list of useful skills to not only include cooking but also piloting his own private jet. Maybe he wants to do his own stunt flying in the next Fast And Furious movie or maybe he just wants to save on hiring chefs and pilots, but it’s a cool thing to see him sitting at the yoke.

Of course, for fans on social media, it was just another prime opportunity to fire up the joke machines. Many of the jokes focused on Luda’s flight demeanor. As Chance The Rapper put it, “He look like a lane finna merge and he tryna get over.”

Other fans humorously pointed out the gumption of learning to fly a plane while many of us are still adjusting to the last year of social distancing.

Meanwhile, others imagined their responses to hearing the phrase “This is your captain, Ludacris, speaking” over the plane P.A.

Check out more amusing responses below.