M.I.A. Is Working With Skrillex For Her Upcoming Album

Here’s some news that’s sure to make a certain type of music snob cringe. M.I.A. appears to be working with Skrillex.

M.I.A. posted the photo of Skrillex to her Instagram with the caption “Matadatah” which was part the name of her recent audio-visual project that included the new song “Swords.” It’s possible that he is working on a remix of the song, or it’s also possible that he’s involved in a new song which will serve as the follow-up.

Many fans don’t seem pleased with the news (“Ew” is a rather representative comment), but a collaboration between M.I.A. and Skrillex does make a certain sort of sense. The former has been throwing world music sounds at the wall to see what sticks her entire career, and the latter is the poster-boy of a genre that’s a cut ‘n’ paste of random YouTube samples, squiggly bass lines and Transformer sex noises.

We know it hurts, but maybe it’s time to admit that the walls between what M.I.A. does and what Skrillex does aren’t as high as previously thought?

And that’s before you even consider that Skrillex has been behind some pretty great music lately with his buddies Diplo and Justin Bieber.

(Via SPIN)

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