Watch Mac DeMarco Perform A Song From ‘Another One’ On A Rowboat

Mac DeMarco’s latest album Another One is a breezy, rolling work. DeMarco recorded the album after moving to a house near the water in Far Rockaway, Queens, and the ocean’s influence on the slacker singer-songwriter from Canada’s prairies is obvious.

With that in mind, DeMarco performing Another One standout “No Other Heart” aboard a rowboat he bought for his birthday makes perfect sense. Check out the relaxing video up top.

DeMarco says he bought the rowboat on his birthday from an old man in Upstate New York, because of course he did. This man’s chill levels are almost dangerous. He recorded the song for NPR’s Field Recordings, and he took the time to explain why he moved to one of the most remote sections of New York City:

“I don’t ever see anybody unless I want to. And even if I want to, usually people don’t come out here ‘cuz it’s so far away. And my phone doesn’t really work. It’s all just peace and quiet.”

Of course, if you’re willing to make the trek, you might be able to join DeMarco on his rowboat. He gave out his address on the new album and has been inviting fans to drink coffee with him.

(Via Stereogum)