An Artist Used Spaghetti To Paint A Realistic Portrait Of Eminem

Spaghetti, much like hip-hop, was stitched together from old noodle recipes — samples, if you will. The first spaghetti noodles were crude variations of existing noodles, but there was something about these specific spaghetti noodles. Their texture and density left users wanting more, and in inner cities across Italy, these noodle variations began catching on. It wasn’t until Chef Kool Noodle invested time and effort into creating an amalgamation of previous noodle recipes that a culinary frankenstein was born, and thus, we are left with what is known now as the modern spaghetti noodle.

Okay, absolutely all of that is crazy and none of it is true. But, this did happened: an artist used spaghetti and red sauce to make a semi-photo realistic portrait of Eminem. Because, you know, 8 Mile and stuff. Oh, you don’t know? Allow me to refresh your data banks:

Nathan Wyburn is the UK-based artist who delightfully concocts celebrity portraits out of food, and he obviously has a sense of humor. He told First We Feast:

I work a lot with unusual materials and in some way relate them to the celebrity portrait. When choosing a material of Eminem I thought of one of his biggest hits, ‘Lose Yourself.’ People always talk about and have made meme’s about the “mom’s spaghetti” line for years and it just seemed so fitting. And I love that it looks so foody and good enough to eat.

We love that it looks so “foody,” too, Nathan. Continue on with the Lord’s delicious work, sir.

(via First We Feast)