Watch A Bunch Of Schoolkids Get Funky, Thanks To Mark Ronson And Mystikal

Stop what you are doing right now and watch the video above.

There’s a good chance you’ve only heard Mark Ronson’s “Feel Right,” featuring Mystikal, because you were introduced to the producer via “Uptown Funk.” You were so enthralled and captivated by its fantastical funkiness that you were inclined to check out the rest of the album, Uptown Special. The songs with Kevin Parker from Tame Impala might have stuck out; same could be said for the Stevie Wonder cameos. But if you liked “Uptown Funk,” it just became an entry point to the album’s real highlight: “Feel Right,” featuring New Orleans rapper Mystikal.

I’m of the strong opinion that “Feel Right,” and not “Uptown Funk,” is the Ronson jam everyone should be hitching their wagon to. “Uptown Funk” is perfectly acceptable, a good and polite funk song. But politeness should have no place in funk. It should be dirty and raw; damn near exploding with energy and enthusiasm. That’s “Feel Right.” The song is the dark alley version of “Uptown Funk,” the version you wouldn’t take home to your parents, but would gladly spend a rowdy Friday night with.