Here’s What A New Zealander With An American Soul Sounds Like

Pain. Heartbreak. Despair. You have to love the roots of American country music. That’s why, when a native New Zealander like Marlon Williams channels this quintessential American heartache in impressive fashion, it’s, well, surprising.

In the performance piece above, “Strange Things,” you can catch a glimpse of Williams’ uncanny way of encapsulating American country music at Seattle’s Tractor Tavern against the wail of violin strings:

“I lost my wife in 1989 to a certain kind of undetectable cancer… She left me alone in a seven-bedroom home built upon the bones of fallen soldiers.”

It may sound like the sound of someone who bleeds the red, white and blue. But in this case, it’s probably just the color blue.

To see the full story of the New Zealander with an American soul, check out this original piece in the Uproxx original series, Uncharted, made possible by Honda.