Remembering The Time WCW Paid Master P $2 Million To Have A Cake Fight

When WCW was competing with WWF (now WWE) in the 1990s, they were willing to spend money. Were they spending it wisely and judiciously? History shows the answer is no, as does Master P’s interview with David Dennis, Jr. on his Don’t Be Scared Podcast.

A lawsuit against WCW made many of the company’s contracts with wrestlers public information. Hulk Hogan was paid handsomely, but so was Dennis Rodman. Hogan’s last contract with WCW will might just make you Hulk out with rage yourself.

That brings us back to Master P, who was one of the world’s most popular rappers in 1999. He and his No Limit Records stable/entourage/whatever were incorporated into a storyline that featured Curt Hennig becoming a country music superstar and releasing his unforgettable single, “Rap is Crap.”

Long story short, during a 1999 segment on Nitro, Master P hit Mr. Perfect with cake and all hell broke loose. (Skip to about 7:00 or so in the below video to get straight to the incredibly-slow-burn cake segment.)

According to Master P, he made a “couple million dollars” for his role with WCW.

“First of all, it was a nice check. I got millions of dollars offered to come in to do an event, and wrestling, and I could get to beat up some people, I’m like, ‘It is all good. I ain’t going to jail, I’m in. How much are you going to give me? A couple million dollars? It’s cool. When’s this going to happen?’ So, they told me I had to get my guys to really train because they could get hurt. It’s a real sport.”

“It’s a real sport,” he said about a scripted rap/country feud involving a cake fight.

The money was real, though. And if you can get millions of dollars to hit someone pretending to be racist in the face with cake, you take it every time.

(Via Don’t Be Scared)