Julia Holter Says Matt Mondanile Was Emotionally Abusive, To The Point She Feared For Her Life

10.25.17 2 years ago

Ever since Ducktails leader and former Real Estate guitarist Matt Mondanile was accused of sexual assault last week, several women have come forward with stories detailing their experiences with the guitarist. Now, Mondanile has yet another accuser, and it’s indie musician Julia Holter.

Holter, who contributed to Ducktails 2015 album St. Catherine and reportedly previously date Mondanile, shared a Facebook post saying that she believes and supports the women who spoke out against Mondanile, and that what they said lines up with her own experiences with Mondanile. She writes that “he does not have boundaries,” and that things got so bad between them that she “had to have a lawyer intervene and was afraid for my life”:

“Their allegations are in line with each other and they are in line with what I came to know about Matt in the past, which is that he does not have boundaries. In my experience, he was emotionally abusive to the point where I had to have a lawyer intervene and was afraid for my life. […]

This subject has been complicated for me to address because I’ve spent over two years now alone/confused about his behavior in my experience, and wondering if there was missing information. So these other accounts have helped me understand. When you’re in it, you question your own reality and you wonder if you are making things up or are you making a big deal out of nothing. It helps when others come forward to validate the fact that you weren’t wrong.”

Read Holter’s full post here or below.

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