Metallica’s ‘Kill Em All’ Gets A Pop Punk Makeover Ahead Of The Grammys When This Guitarist Switches Over To Major Key

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02.11.17 3 Comments

Metallica will take the stage with Lady Gaga at Sunday’s Grammy Awards, but before then they’re getting a slight makeover thanks to guitarist Ben Eller. He takes the memorable intros to songs on their debut album Kill Em All and ends up playing them in major key. This not only drags each song out of the darkness, but it makes them sound like almost every pop punk hit that some us enjoyed during the late 90s/early 2000s.

The thread for the video over at Reddit points out that the change almost turns the band into a clone of Blink-182 — something the folks over at BroBible agree with. And honestly, you can hear it and almost expect Tom DeLonge’s lispy voice to come in at some point and sing about heartbreak at the roller rink on a Friday night. There’s also some Offspring, Sum 41, and other bands tossed in there to fuel the nostalgia. It’s all for fun until you start debating your choices from back then and all the time you wasted cutting holes in shirts for your thumbs and playing Crazy Taxi.

Aside from all of that, the major key version of “Search And Destroy” is a little hard to swallow. It takes the song and turns it into some sort of theme from your high school sex ed video. It could be used in the Mr. Show “No Adults Allowed” sketch and I’d think nothing of it.

(Via BroBible / Reddit)

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