MF DOOM’s Widow Filed A Lawsuit Against The Rapper’s Former Label’s Old Manager For Allegedly Stealing His Notebooks

MF DOOM‘s widow, Jasmine Dumile Thompson, has now filed a lawsuit against the late rapper’s former label manager, Eothen “Egon” Alapatt, according to Billboard. Thompson claims that Alapatt stole 31 of MF DOOM’s notebooks that contained both lyrics from his albums, as well as ones for unreleased songs and “other creative ideations.”

Thompson filed the suit in a Los Angeles court yesterday (October 24). Before the lawsuit, she had already accused him of the theft, after posting emails on social media between MF DOOM and Alapatt. “Egon, Give the Notebooks Back,” she captioned.

According to the publication and the filing, Alapatt has admitted to having MF DOOM’s writings but is reportedly not giving them back to his estate. Instead, he allegedly wants them “donated to a university or government archive” or a “museum or other institution.”

However, the lawsuit comes because according to Thompson, this goes against MF DOOM’s wishes. “[The notebooks] were intended by DOOM to be secret and confidential,” it reads.

“Alapatt never consulted with DOOM about his acquisition of the notebooks and took advantage of DOOM’s being out the country to obtain them,” it adds, with the alleged theft taking place before the rapper’s death. He had been stuck in the UK over immigration issues, and Alapatt allegedly used this to take them sometime around 2016.

Along with seeking “significant compensation” in the lawsuit, she is also requesting a jury trial.