Kanye Producer Mike Dean Is Furious People Keep Confusing Him With A Soccer Ref

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Mike Dean has spent the past three decades working with rap legends like Kanye West, Jay Z, Scarface, Pimp C and Bun B, E-40 as well as pop superstars like Beyonce, Madonna and The Weeknd. The man has put in more than enough work to warrant some name recognition, but that’s still not stopping people online from confusing him for a English Premiere League referee with the same exact name.

The EPL is the world’s foremost soccer league and as such it’s also the most popular and most watched sports league on earth, and as such referee Mike Dean — one of the league’s most demonstrative and renown refs — has attained his own level of fame. Still, stateside at least, Kanye producer Mike Dean is the more popular of the two, and he finally seems a little miffed by the whole thing. So he did what any respectable person would do: He started tweeting. So Mike’s thumbs got to work and he fired back at the whole mixup with the exact mix of smart ass and humor that you’d expect from a Kanye West associate.

On Monday he began replying to the innumerable cases of mistaken identity.

And gradually his replies became more volatile.

And more english.

But Mike was just having some fun, something he has kept up all week.