Mike Tyson On Chris Brown: ‘I’m Really Worried About Him, He’s A Sweet Kid’

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10.29.13 8 Comments

Mike Tyson radio interview

Former boxing heavyweight champion and one-man show star Mike Tyson stopped by the Scott & Todd in the Morning on 95.5 WPLJ in New York this morning, and what better person to ask about a guy with apparent violence and temper issues like Chris Brown than old Iron Mike himself? Tyson obviously speaks from experience when he offers anyone advice on belligerent, deplorable, deviant and intensely criminal behavior, so if Brown is willing to at least give the former champ’s quick words on this radio show an ear, he might be able to avoid ending up in the headlines again and again for punching random guys in the nose. You know, or much worse.

So what did Tyson have to say to Brown? Mainly that if he keeps this kind of behavior up, the people closest to him will eventually turn on him, and eventually he’ll end up surrounded by nothing but violent people in prison. Again, Tyson knows what he’s talking about.

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