Watch Miley Cyrus Turn ‘Bodak Yellow’ Into A Vulnerable Pop Ballad With Jimmy Fallon

Cardi B’s massive “Bodak Yellow” just celebrated its second week topping the Billboard 200, and as with any song that becomes a cultural sensation, it has started to permeate culture in new and unexpected ways. Last night on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, that process reached a new level when the rap anthem showed up on a game called Musical Genre Challenge.

If you’ve never seen the Fallon bit, the concept is pretty simple. The host has a “Random Genre Generator” that chooses a song and a genre that either Fallon or his guest have to sing. The Roots, ever the amazing backing band, whip up the tune’s arrangement on the spot, and the hilarity ensues. Given that Cyrus released her new album Younger Now on Friday, Fallon has welcomed her to a whole week of appearances, resulting in this game being played on Monday nights.

The majority of the song choices settled in innocuous territory –unless you always wanted to see “Cotton-Eyed Joe” interpreted by Jimmy Fallon as a soft rock song– but the game ended with “Bodak Yellow” coming up as a pop song. And, for someone that doesn’t listen to hip-hop anymore, Cyrus nailed it, rising to her feet and giving the number a showstopping pop makeover.

Check out the clip of Miley Cyrus’s pop version of “Bodak Yellow” from last night’s The Tonight Show above.