The Parents Television Council Is Afraid Miley Cyrus Will ‘Re-Twerk’ The VMAs

miley cyrus robin thicke
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The Helen Lovejoy of committees, the Parents Television Council, is thinking of the children and already complaining about Miley Cyrus hosting the MTV Video Music Awards, despite the event not being held until the end of August. PTC President Tim Winter expects this year’s VMAs to be “very edgy, very profane, very sexually explicit.” I can’t imagine why he would think that.

Oh yeah.

“As a parent of a teenager, the content from two years ago was clearly not appropriate for a 14-year-old. I think last year’s was toned down quite a bit. I think that came from advertiser pressure to not have a re-twerk. This year, clearly, they’re going to try to ramp it back up again. And based on everything we’ve seen Miley doing in recent years, she certainly seems angry and certainly seems enjoying being the provocateur.” (Via)

You’d be angry, too, if you starred on a Disney Channel show with your one-hit-wonder dad. Anyway, hosting the VMAs is a good deal for both Miley, who can prove for the 45th time that, yes, she can sing, and MTV. They love themselves some controversy, and now they’ve got two: future Celebrity Deathmatch Taylor vs. Nicki, and WHAT WILL MILEY DO THIS TIME?

She won’t answer Robin Thicke’s phone calls, for one thing.

(Via Gossip Cop)