The Miley Cyrus And Robin Thicke MTV VMA Performance Is Now An Actual Halloween Costume

A lot of people have suddenly turned the Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke performance at the MTV Video Music Awards into a conversation or argument about sexism, based on Cyrus’ comments to Rolling Stone, because everyone’s up in arms about how she’s shaking her ass all over the place and nobody’s mentioning what a gropey, pervy douche caboose Thicke is. While I think it’s obvious that people talk about Cyrus more because she puts herself front and center and demands attention as a young pop icon – and Thicke is far closer to a one-hit wonder who might have stolen that one hit from Marvin Gaye – the bulk of my agitation with this phenomenon is pretty simple. I just can’t stand the whole stupid tongue thing.

Otherwise, if college girls and frat boys want to make this “Twerk It” costume the No. 1 seller for Halloween this year, then who am I to complain about a company cashing in on an otherwise forgettable music show performance?

(Via Imgur, H/T to Gothamist)