MSNBC Commentator Ari Melber Uses 50 Cent Lyrics On Loyalty To Contextualize Trump’s Peril

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Ari Melber is quickly becoming known for his use of on-the-money hip-hop lyrics to contextualize political events. We’ve seen weathermen and other newscasters reference rappers before on one-offs, but Melber seemingly has a line for everything. He recently dropped a Migos reference to blast Trump’s hypocrisy. Now, he’s using 50 Cent lyrics to encapsulate what could be Trump’s undoing. On a recent MSNBC segment discussing Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen’s home and office being raided, Melber let the world know that if the FBI found enough evidence to penalize Cohen, it spelled bad things for Trump. He didn’t simply say that though.

“No other greater legal authority than Curtis Jackson has said, ‘when the feds come in the game, loyalty is limited,'” Melber intoned, to the probably oblivious guest panel. What’s most impressive is that the line came from “I’m A Hustler” on 50’s 2000 Power Of The Dollar album, an unheralded project which predates him linking with Eminem and Dr. Dre and rising to superstardom. Whether it’s Ari himself or someone on his team feeding him lyrics, that’s an impressive pull.

50 posted the clip on his Instagram, then added his own commentary to the end:

“Michael like Trump. But he don’t like him enough to do that time for him. He ain’t from the neighborhood.”