You Can Finally Experience The Music Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Live In Person

The fervent fandom surrounding HBO’s Game of Thrones is only rivaled by the zealousness of any Trekkie or Swiftie. The dramatic, thrilling, and sometimes raunchy fantasy series has inspired near cult-like behavior from its devotees. Thus, the intermediary time between seasons can feel like purgatory for the show’s impassioned fan base, particularly following HBO’s announcement that the end is in sight for the Game of Thrones universe.

However, what may help ease the suffering of Gotties? Thronies? Whatever appellation Game of Thrones buffs are referred to, was an announcement made this past Thursday that, “Music Is Coming.” Hosted at the Hollywood Palladium, a GoT “live concert experience” will be occurring this upcoming Monday. The event will host the show’s composer Ramin Djawadi, along with Isaac Hempstead Wright who plays Bran Stark.

In addition to a full orchestra playing the haunting, goose bump inducing melodies from this revolutionary television series, will be a costume display from Season 6, a “Hall of Faces,” a display of Arya’s sword, Needle, and of course, a look at the iconic Iron Throne.

This already highly anticipated musical experience will begin at 11:30 a.m. on August 8 and is free to attend upon submitting an RSVP.

While the event will surely encapsulate all your favorite tunes from the climactic series, don’t be disappointed with the likely absence of DJ Hodor.

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