Nascar Aloe’s ‘I Throw A Fit’ Performance For ‘UPROXX Sessions’ Lives Up To The Title

North Carolina punk rapper Nascar Aloe brings unstoppable energy to UPROXX Sessions in this week’s episode as he rips through an twitchy performance of “I Throw A Fit.” The song’s title is apt; Aloe never stands still for a moment. His infectious aura vibrates off the walls as he calls out Donald Trump, police, and politicians in railing screed against the hypocrisy of the “land of the free.”

Calling himself “the new Sid Vicious,” Nascar Aloe experimented with different styles and stage names until settling on his current in-your-face punk persona. He’s proven prolific, dopping projects at an alarming clip that fits his DIY, anything-goes mentality. Most recently, he dropped the three-song Battery Clash! EGO Bite, which contained the songs “Hi,” “Abyss,” and “Dysfunctional.” Earlier this year, he also released The Garage Tapes featuring Ghoulavelli and Miyagi. Though he’s not highly active on social media, he has used it to call out disparities and oddities of the modern music scene. He’s part of an anti-establishment wave of young, punkish rappers that includes characters like Jasiah, Joey Trap, and Tokyo’s Revenge.

Check out his raucous performance above.

UPROXX Sessions is Uproxx’s performance show featuring the hottest up-and-coming acts you should keep an eye on. Featuring creative direction from LA promotion collective, Ham On Everything, and taking place on our “bathroom” set designed and painted by Julian Gross, UPROXX Sessions is a showcase of some of our favorite performers, who just might soon be yours, too.