Neil DeGrasse Tyson Had To Step In To Teach Rapper B.o.B That The Earth Isn’t Flat

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01.25.16 58 Comments
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Who would have ever thought B.o.B would have something in common with former MySpace queen Tila Tequila? Tila recently outed herself as a flat-earth truther because Ferdinand Magellan’s global odyssey is so 1500s. The “Nothin’ On You” rapper recently joined the club, and he spent the weekend adding to his preexisting collection of tinfoil hat tweets.

Just to be clear about what we’re dealing with here, B.o.B is also a fan of the “jet fuel does not melt steel beams” 9/11 argument (there’s a certain blacksmith who could contribute to this conversation). He also holds strong opinions about the (alleged) moon landing, and he knows all about what’s really going on with aliens and cloning.

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