PartyNextDoor’s ‘For Certain’ Video Is Certainly A Party, But With A ‘Sinister Twist’

PartyNextDoor’s PartyNextDoor 4 (P4) album cover art reveal was jarring because it captures a nude woman from behind. Among Uproxx’s Wongo Okon’s “4 Wishes” for PartyNextDoor’s first full-length effort since 2020 was a new album cover. We have not gotten that, but the video for P4 track “For Certain” proves that PartyNextDoor wasn’t aiming for surface-level shock value.

Directed by Edgar Daniel, the five-plus-minute video begins with PartyNextDoor pulling up to an undisclosed and unassuming location at night. Once inside, a party is raging. “We didn’t vibe on the first night, but you’re so enticing,” he sings. “We didn’t vibe then, but now I want you.” And yes, he is “for certain” that he wants someone as his girlfriend, but the sheer number of beautiful women dancing makes it impossible to know which woman he wants.

All seems well and good. Everyone appears to be lost in the vibe, as harmless as a promiscuous night like this could be — and then, there’s a jarring plot twist about three minutes in. PartyNextDoor is holding cash and receiving a lap dance when a woman brings out drinks, and it’s soon very evident that he has been roofied. Suddenly, we’re inside of a hallucination, and an unseen narrator takes over.

“Those guys, they walk around acting like gods,” she says while footage of different men schmoozing women flits across the screen. “You wouldn’t believe the sh*t they get away with, and they’re still up in the club. That’s why we can do this — again, again, again, and again — because, to them, it’s just another night. But to us, it’s all about money.”

By now, the video depicts the women spiking several men’s drinks to steal their cash. The video’s end credits double as a pseudo breaking news broadcast about “a clandestine underground crime ring” with “multiple female suspects” in custody after “targeting unsuspecting men on online platforms.” The departing message is, “It’s a sinister twist in the realm of criminal activity — shattering stereotypes and underscoring the need for vigilance in today’s society.”

Watch the “For Certain” video above.