Get Turnt Up To UPROXX Music’s New Year’s Eve Party Playlist

12.31.15 3 years ago

What does New Years mean to you? Is it a celebration of change, a remembrance of past things, or is it just cause to drink and dance your face off? Whatever connotations New Year’s Eve holds for you, we have the song to fit your mood or motivation. Here are 16 of the jams from this and other years that you should be playing during your NYE party. Now, save some champagne for us.

Nas – “Drunk by Myself”

Besides being a thrilling gem off of an under appreciated album, Nas’ “Drunk by Myself” is the ode to your lonely struggle as you sit and drink by yourself on New Year’s Eve. I wish that situation on no one, and hopefully if you are drinking by yourself on NYE, it’s only because you got out of work late or prefer solitude. Either way, tip the bottom of the glass/bottle toward the sky, allow the warm juice to simmer you insides, and count that mother*cking ball down by your lonesome like a boss. –Dariel Figueroa

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