Nice Guy Dave Grohl Makes Another Young Fan’s Dreams Come True By Bringing Him On Stage

Dave Grohl is rock and roll royalty at this point. He drummed for Nirvana, he’s fronted the Foo Fighters for decades now, and that doesn’t take into account all the other times he’s popped up on a song. He played David Letterman off of television! Yeah, he’s a bit curmudgeonly some of the time, especially when it comes to the digitization of music, but, when it comes to his fans, he’s as generous as anybody.

Not all that long ago, he brought an 8-year-old kid on the stage to help him sing “Times Like These.” To add to that, the other day in Hamburg, Germany he brought another young fan on stage to make his day, if not his life. The fan brought along a painting of Grohl that he’d done, and Grohl was as nice as ever about the whole thing. Being a jerk may give you a mysterious “rock and roll aura,” but Grohl seems content just to be a solid dude. After all, he’s kept a guy who calls himself “Pat Smear” employed for years. What could be more generous than that?

(Via YouTube)