Nick Cannon Is Still The Worst And Thinks He Invented 'Whiteface' Now

Nick Cannon is reveling in all of the so-called “controversy” he stirred up with his new whiteface alter-ego — now identified as “Connor Smallnut.” Get it? Because white people have stupid names like Connor and also small testicles! He kills every time! Well aside from being controversial, Nick Cannon would also have you know that he is revolutionary, because he actually invented the term “whiteface.” No really. Cannon tweeted yesterday:

Aside from the fact that it’s been pointed out that everyone from Eddie Murphy to Dave Chappelle to even the Wayans brothers have done whiteface comedy before this and with way better execution, Nick Cannon commits an even bigger cardinal sin by being a person under the age of 50 who puts “LOL” after every single thing that he writes. Take it away, Dave Chappelle (NSFW Audio):

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