Nicki Minaj Decided To Show Off Her Nipple Tassels On Instagram Last Night

Getty Image

Nicki Minaj may not have released an album this year, but she had a huge 2017. She killed a ton of features, seemingly dove into a relationship with rap royalty in Nas, battled her fiercest foe in some time in Remy Ma and even gave props to her biggest competition in years when Cardi B hit No. 1 on the Billboard charts. Even with the lack of an album, Nicki always finds ways to give back to her fans, whether it’s paying their tuition at random or by blessing their Instagram timelines with some of the most salacious thirst traps the app has ever seen, she’s always looking out for her Barbs.

Last night, Nicki was back at it, dropping a random picture on Instagram for her nearly 85 million followers that seemed to even shock her. The caption-less picture — and clearly it doesn’t really need one — features Nicki with a diamond choker, a dark lip and two glittering nipple tassels covering up just enough nipple to pass Instagram’s strict guidelines.

Nicki paired that with another picture of a herself, much more conservatively dressed, with her jaw dropped in awe of whatever she was looking at. Yes, it’s a thirst trap, and a woman celebrating her body, but more than anything it’s definitive proof that Nicki gets us. Thankfully.