Nicki Minaj Drove By A Man Selling Her Stolen Merch And Trolled Him Hard

Earlier today, Nicki Minaj was traveling in or around Camden, N.J. where she was set to perform on Thursday night. She happened to spot a fellow standing next to the street and selling t-shirts emblazoned with her face. The guy was probably near the concert venue and hoping to cash in on some fans who didn’t want to pay outrageous prices for shirts later that evening.

Nicki rolled up to the guy. She innocently inquired, “Can I have a shirt? Where’d you get those shirts, sir?” The presumption is that this dude was selling bootlegged merch. Nicki thought the whole matter was hilarious enough to publicly post this video on Instagram. Interestingly enough, the highlight of the video wasn’t the fool with stolen t-shirts. Nope. The best part was watching carloads of ladies drive by, recognize Nicki, and start screaming like bobby soxers who spotted Frank Sinatra.

(Via Jezebel)