Nicki Minaj Teases The Female Rapper Posse Cut We’ve All Been Waiting For

It sounds pretty unbelievable, but it has been nearly 24 years since rap last saw an all-women posse cut — and even longer since one had any commercial impact. The last two times more than three female rappers were on a song together spitting verses, Bill Clinton was still in office, the first PlayStation was out, and Cardi B still looked like she bit people. This week, that long drought is about to be broken thanks to Nicki Minaj, of all people.

With her new single “Super Freaky Girl” earning her first solo No. 1 (also the first for a female rapper since ’98), Nicki is upping the ante (super bonus points if you get what I did there) with a remix featuring the first all-women lineup since either Nicki D’s promo record “Six Pack” or Queen Latifah’s “Brownsville.” It’s unclear which actually dropped first — the internet back then wasn’t what it is today [*reminisces in dial-up*].

Today, Nicki finally teased the lineup for her remix, sharing the bootylicious cover art, which only shows the six women from behind, all wearing matching boots and teeny silver bikinis. The clues to their identities come in the form of a suitcase at the forefront of the picture featuring stickers with the women’s origin cities on them. They read: Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, and New York.

Naturally, fans are already speculating on just who the guest rappers might be. Considering the cities involved, it would seem that Boston’s the easiest to guess: That would be BIA, who Nicki previously collaborated with on the remix to “Whole Lotta Money.” It only makes sense that she’d return the favor. Meanwhile, Miami would almost certainly be City Girls, although Trina wouldn’t be out of the question, as they’ve worked together before. Chicago gets a little iffier — the only really viable acts from there are acts like Dreezy and the unpredictable Cupcakke, with fans leaning more toward the latter.

Atlanta’s also obvious: If it ain’t Latto, I’ll eat my hat. Despite Latto previously worked with Nicki’s longtime rival Cardi B, the Atlantan rising star was also careful to avoid picking sides when media goaded her to. And as far as New York goes, sure, that could be Nicki herself, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see her roll the dice on a DreamDoll feature, which would launch the bubbling artist into the stratosphere. There’s one other female rapper from New York that would blow fans’ minds, and I wouldn’t put it past Nicki to use this opportunity to really surprise people, but the main reason it’d be a surprise is that it’s so unlikely. Some fans also seem to be projecting a Flo Milli appearance, but there isn’t a Montgomery, Alabama sticker on that suitcase.

The good news is, we only have to wait a work day to find out. Nicki says she’ll be premiering the song on her Queen Radio podcast at 8 pm ET and 5 pm PT, unless she has those timezones mixed up, in which case, it’ll be 11 pm ET and 8 pm PT. Stay tuned.