Nine Inch Nails Performed 'Down In It' On 'Dance Party USA' In 1989

This footage of Trent Reznor and crew performing “Down In It” on Dance Party USA (see: Soul Train for awkward white people) over two decades ago hit the internet two days ago, but I didn’t get around to my Nine Inch Nails fanzine until this morning, so there you go. I don’t think that does anything to hinder the enjoyment in watching a band that went on to shape the 90’s with industrial sounds and trendy stickers perform fairly enthusiastically in front of a bunch of poorly dressed kids with bad haircuts and no rhythm.

One good thing about tackling this a day late is that Trent Reznor has already acknowledged via Twitter:

“Many years ago, a young and naive Nine Inch Nails were asked what TV shows they’d be interested in appearing on. As a joke (and likely drunk), they thought of the most absurd choice they could come up with at the time. They were then informed their bluff had been called and were actually booked on said show… They hopped in their Honda Civic touring vehicle (hatchback) and travelled many miles to (I think) NJ for the big show. They had a laugh making fun of the people, their fashion choices and hairstyles. Life was good. Years later, the internet is discovered… There’s a moral in there somewhere. Come to think of it, Skrillex may indeed owe me some publishing on that hairdo…”

*Licks index finger, sticks in air* Yep, Skrillex. That’s a burn. A Rez-burn. Nice to see Trent can kinda/sorta be self-deprecating while also providing some background that still leaves Nine Inch Nails looking fairly cool. I can’t be the only one who thinks that performance sounds exactly like it does on the track though, can I? Lip synching on Dance Party USA? For shame.

Pitchfork via Gawker