Nine Inch Nails Created The Perfect Playlist Of Songs To Listen To By Yourself In The Dark

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We’ve all been there right? You’re sitting in total silence, by yourself, in a pitch black room when suddenly the thought pops into your head. “I wish I had something to listen to right about now.” Well, Nine Inch Nails has you covered. Today, the iconic alt-rock outfit headed by Trent Reznor shared a special “Better Alone” playlist, that assembles some of the choicest cuts put together by Reznor and his musical co-hort Atticus Ross throughout the years. As noted on Twitter, “Darkness is optional, but recommended.”

As you might expect, the mood of the playlist as a whole veers more toward the ethereal. In fact, over half of the selections were culled from the many different soundtrack albums Ross and Reznor have worked on through the years, including the recent Ken Burns and Lynn Novick documentary The Vietnam War, but also The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Gone Girl, Patriots Day, and The Social Network, David Fincher’s film about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg which netted the pair an Oscar. On the Nine Inch Nails side of things, there are multiple selections from their instrumental project Ghosts I-IV, but also a few cuts from classics like The Downward Spiral — “A Warm Place” — and The Fragile — “The Frail” — to enjoy.

You can listen to the full breadth of Nine Inch Nails “Better Alone” playlist below.
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