Open Mike Eagle Laces Up His ‘Gold Gloves’ For Battle On Mello Music Group’s New Compilation

Iron sharpens iron. That’s why Open Mike Eagle, Oddisee, and the rest of Mello Music Group are practicing their Bushido on a new compilation album from the independent rap label coming out in April. Featuring production from the likes of Apollo Brown, The Alchemist, L’Orange, The Lasso, and more, and vocal appearances from Homeboy Sandman, Joell Ortiz, Murs, and Stalley, the compilation assembles some of rap’s best underground spitters, with the friendly competition bringing out their best.

Ahead of the release, MMG (heh) has shared a new track featuring Open Mike Eagle and The Lasso titled “Gold Gloves.” The track, produced by The Lasso on “a glitched-out Moog,” finds Open Mike lyrically shadowboxing, describing the process of getting focused for an upcoming fight while reflecting on the toll previous battles have left on him.

The Bushido compilation arrives in Mello Music Group’s tenth year of operation. The description for the project on Bandcamp positions the label as a band of the last samurai in rap, “religiously devoted to the upholding of standards and values.”

Bushido is due 4/2 via Mello Music Group. You can pre-order it here. See the tracklist below.

1. “Iron Steel Samurai” (feat. Quelle Chris & The Alchemist)
2. “Gold Gloves” (feat. Open Mike Eagle & The Lasso)
3. “One of the Last” (feat. Marlowe)
4. “Yours Truly” (feat. Homeboy Sandman & Kensaye Russell)
5. “No Trouble” (feat. Oddisee)
6. “Gwan B Ok” (feat. Zackey Force Funk & The Lasso)
7. “Ta-Nehesi The Vocals” (feat. Skyzoo & L’Orange)
8. “Symbol of Hope” (feat. Open Mike Eagle, Namir Blade & Elaquent)
9. “Never Lived” (feat. Oddisee)
10. “None” (feat. Homeboy Sandman & Iman Omari)
11. “Bane Brain” (feat. James Shahan & Quelle Chris)
12. “Black Rock” (feat. Joell Ortiz, Namir Blade, Stalley & Solemn Brigham) 05:08
13. “Outlast” (feat. Dueling Experts, Joell Ortiz & Apollo Brown)
14. “Black Man” (feat. RJ Payne & Apollo Brown)
15. “Turnt Garveyite” (feat. Murs & Georgia Anne Muldrow)
16. “Nightmare” (feat. Cambatta & Apollo Brown)
17. “Rap” (feat. Homeboy Sandman & Eric Lau)
18. “You To Me” (feat. Oddisee)
19. “ZeroFux” (feat. B-Real, Kool Keith, Joell Ortiz & Nottz)
20. “Banners” (feat. The Perceptionists & !llmind)