Hear Open Mike Eagle And Hannibal Buress Freestyle About Smurfs On The ‘Handsome Rambler’ Podcast

Dark Comedy rapper Open Mike Eagle and actual comedian Hannibal Buress, who’ve known each other since college, recently reunited on the latter’s Handsome Rambler podcast.

When they got together this time, they freestyled through a not-so-pointless debate over how many toes are actually worth having (above). “I wish I only had three toes / ’cause then I’d get discounts on pedicures,” Hannibal raps. Mike counters by asking us to count the potential losses nail salons might endure.

Ten minutes into this particular episode, Hannibal also freestyles about Fitbits and pop-locking in front of a cop. Handsome Rambler concludes with a 15-minute musical number where they do their own version of a Big Freedia hook, conclude that “Smurfs are, in reality, just a bunch of Crips,” and devote an 808s And Heartbreak-inspired segment to chest hair.

Mike featured Hannibal on Dark Comedy‘s “Doug Stamper (Advice Raps),” where he implores you not to buy compact cars, “unless you can only afford one of those cars… then get that, don’t let me judge your life.” Hannibal also appeared in Mike’s “Ziggy Starfish (Anti-Anxiety)” video, appearing genuinely startled over seeing bubbles at a party.

Listen to the entire, surreal Handsome Rambler episode below.