Open Mike Eagle And Sammus Are Televangelists In The Hilarious ‘Hymnal’ Video

Open Mike Eagle is known for his creative artistry and sense of humor, whether that’s in songs like or at his live show. He infused both in the video for “Hymnal,” a track from his Brick Body Kids Still Day Dream project. Eagle collaborated with Philadelphia-based rhymer/producer Sammus for the affirming song, and in the video the two portray the fictional Crowleys of Dark Comedy Ministries. The two are dressed in hilarious getups, appearing 30+ years older for the role and playing up a contrived sincerity that so many critics of televangelists believe to be the case.

The disparity between Eagle and Sammus’ introspective lyrics and their tawdry display is notable. As Eagle rhymes, “I was brought into this world with the instinct to back the hell away,” he sits in the chair ready to get as many donations as he can from would-be devotees. Sammus reflects on her inner-self, noting, “my ego take cheap shots” before dropping an assonant verse that proves she’s no joke as an MC.

The video for “Hymnal” follows “Brick Body Complex,” where Eagle played a super hero. His heroic artistry was enough to earn a spot on our best hip-hop albums list, and for more abotu what went into one of the best concept albums of the year, read our interview with Mike here.