O.T. Genasis Hologram May Be Making More Money Than The Actual O.T. Genasis

There are stories that pop up and make you think “I picked the wrong profession” all the time. Then there’s the news that O.T. Genasis is set to make several thousand for a night’s work…without even having to actually go to work.

The “Push It” rapper is currently set to be paid a handsome $20k for a performance by his hologram, per a report by TMZ. Genasis, well…his hologram rather, it slated to perform next week at Heat Ultra Lounge in Orange County and fans will get to see and hear O.T. play five songs in what’s probably the easiest money a rapper can make. That means no sweating it out on stage under the bright lights, no worrying about getting his whole entourage in the club or any of that. Technically, he could sit at home and not lift a finger yet still collect a paycheck for less than one hour’s work. Apparently, Vassal Benford, who “owns the Benford hologram series in 4D presence,” is involved in the deal and he’s supposedly working on pulling off something similar with Diplo.

TMZ managed to get their hands on a short video clip that shows O.T.’s figure on stage performing his big hit “Cut It.” Basically, you can watch it and see the same damn thing people will see at the club next week.