Ought Experiments On A Mannequin And An Older Man In The Bizarre Video For ‘These 3 Things’

Two years after the release of their great sophomore album Sun Coming Down, Montreal post-punks Ought have found a new home in Merge Records and written nine songs for their third full-length effort, which is set for an early 2018 release. The new album is called Room Inside The World, and it is proceeded by an extremely interesting and eye-catching, but increasingly strange and discomforting video for lead single “These 3 Things,” which features vocal patterns similar to Robert Smith’s best from The Cure’s discography, a distorted bass guitar anchoring the song, and looped electronic beats that help the track evolve and grow.

Directed by Jonny Look and Scottie Cameron, the video takes place in a single room (a room inside the world?), while the subjects within the room change from a mannequin to an older man. It seems like an experiment of sorts, as other individuals come and go to adjust equipment and help administrate the activities, which include blowing the older man with a leaf blower while he is reading the newspaper, and trying to feed the mannequin with a set of rotating spoons. Check out the video above.

Room Inside The World is out 2/18 on Merge Records. Pre-order it here.