The Most Overrated Albums Of 2017

12.13.17 2 years ago 6 Comments

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It happens in every field, to even the most optimistic and kind-hearted person — you get fucking sick of hearing about that one band. It’s pretty inevitable that press, exposure, and praise get distributed unfairly, and perhaps, quite frequently, undeservedly. But what is it that makes us call someone “overrated”? Is it the level of fawning? How bad they actually suck? The behind-the-scenes politics of a genre or an industry that seem all too obvious if you work and live inside of it?

Whatever the reason, there’s nothing that goes as well with end of the year applause as complaints about who didn’t really deserve that standing ovation. While we make it a priority to pursue kindness and even-handedness here, everyone has their breaking point, and their petty moments. So, onto the overrated albums! There were quite a few this year (in my humble opinion) but we narrowed it down to the ten most egregious offenders. Remember, oftentimes this has nothing to do with the artist themselves, but the conversation around them. Oh, and sometimes it definitely does have to do with the artist.

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