Pat Boone: ‘Obama’s Birth Certificate Will Be Proven As Fake By September’

If there is anyone I trust to give me truth about politics and politicians in Washington, D.C., it’s Pat Boone. The crooner and tub salesman is a longtime supporter of the GOP, campaigning for Reagan back when he was running for governor in California and showing plenty of support for President George W. Bush, even during the most bitter periods.

I particularly like the column he wrote on World Net Daily where he referred to liberalism as “black filthy cells” or cancer as we better know it. Who knew that Pat Boone, the guy who birthed the woman who sang “You Light Up My Life,” would be such a hater.

The most recent tidbit of truth to run out of Pat Boone’s mouth came on Alan Colmes’ radio show Monday night and it involved everyone’s favorite topic: President Obama. In particular, his birth certificate and the continuing saga of its authenticity. From Liberaland:

Boone: What I’m going to predict here is by September of this year, the major smoking gun, which is a high crime, not just a misdemeanor, but a high crime, that supposed copy of the birth certificate that is displayed on the White House website as we talk, by many experts has already proven not to be not a copy of anything, of something that perhaps doesn’t exist, which is an actual birth certificate, but it is a Photoshopped fraud created to look like what they wanted it to look like. And I say “they” because I don’t think it was the President himself but those around him. But experts who understand the techniques of these things, including a guy in my own office who knows how things are Photoshopped, and knows the telltale signs of things that have been pasted on to other documents or other things. It is obviously to anyone who knows that process is a fraud. It is not a copy of anything and that is a high crime.”

COLMES: Tell me how you know this.

BOONE: Well I’m talking to some people that they are trained detectives and investigators and I’ve been trying to get people in Congress to pay attention to these things and create. We should have to be us citizens saying, “Wait a minute, this thing doesn’t look real.”

You know what else doesn’t look real? Pat Boone singing “Tutti Fruitti.” But it is. And it’s horrible. Pretty pointless to talk about at this point though, seeing as everyone’s asleep from seeing Alan Colmes and Pat Boone mentioned in the same post.

(Via Liberaland)