Paul McCartney Covered Prince’s ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ At His Minneapolis Show

Tribute upon tribute upon tribute has emerged in honor of Prince’s untimely passing. So many musicians who came before and after the Purple One have rushed to perform covers of the iconic artist’s work, with the latest one being rock royalty as well in Sir Paul McCartney.

During a concert in Prince’s hometown of Minneapolis this past Wednesday night, McCartney performed an encore cover of “Let’s Go Crazy” and, as expected, go crazy he (and everybody else) did. As you’ll see in the video, as soon as the former Beatles bassist kicks into the well known Prince staple, the stage backdrop displays the Purple Rain mastermind’s signature symbol, with the audience responding with cheers and screams.

“Here’s to the man,” McCartney concluded, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s review. “Loved that guy. Thank you, Prince, for writing so many beautiful songs, so much music. And he’s your guy.”

McCartney also dedicated parts of his set to legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix and late Beatles producer George Martin.

(Via Spin)