Premiere: Peeling Call Out Emotional Scavengers On The Bold ‘Vulture’s Game’

Currently, Toronto has a burgeoning scene for really talented DIY bands. You may have heard of the female-fronted grunge band Dilly Dally, or perhaps the noise rockers Odonis Odonis, or maybe the bedroom pop favorites TOPS. Or maybe you haven’t, but either way, these bands are all great.What might be even better, though, is what members from each of these bands made when they fused together, and that’s Peeling.

Today, Peeling, fronted by songwriter Annabelle Lee, previously of Mexican Slang, is exclusively premiering their first single via Uproxx called “Vulture’s Game” off their upcoming EP 7 Years of Blood. Listen below.

Peeling consists of grungy guitarist/vocalist Lee, bassist Jimmy Tony (Dilly Dally), drummer Denholm Whale (Odonis Odonis), guitarist Alana DeVito (formerly of TOPS), guitarist Alejandro Cairncross and Tim Kuras (though Denholm Whale from Odonis was behind the kit for the EP). The Toronto-based quartet, who released their debut EP Rats In Paradise this past fall, come together on “Vulture’s Game” to further their fuzzy, psychedelic noise rock sound.

In a statement regarding the story behind the track, Lee said:

In ‘Vulture’s Game’ the protagonist wakes up in a haze on the side of a desert road, being circled by hungry birds. Exhausted and unsure of how they got there, trying to get away but having nowhere to run to. I wrote this song about feeling trapped in bad relationships, when people are sucking up your energy. It’s a reminder to remove negative influences and ditch the emotional vampires who leave you feeling drained.

Here is the artwork for 7 Years of Blood.

And here is the tracklist for the EP.

1. “Away From You”
2. “Rattlesnake”
3. “Wandering Womb”
4. “Vulture’s Game”

7 Years of Blood is out May 26 via Buzz Records. Pre-order it here.