DFA Record’s Perel Got Remixed By Jayda G For A Cosmic Funk Version Of ‘Die Dimension’

12.18.17 4 months ago

DFA Records have made the right choice in releasing Jayda G’s remix of Perel’s “Die Dimension” digitally. You can hear the song above.

The remix was intended as a vinyl-only exclusive, one of four tracks that appear on Perel’s debut 7” single for DFA, which came out last month. But trying to keep one white-hot meeting of minds offline was always an impossible task, given just how talented both Perel and Jayda G are.

The original is an unrelenting space disco odyssey, constantly moving forward. Jayda G’s remix is a bit more laid back, emphasizing the song’s “space” in the sense that it’s both an exploration of the vastness the original hinted at and the cosmic trajectory of its beat.

For those familiar with Jayda G’s killer set at Dekmantel from earlier this year, or her recent standout releases for Geography and 1080p, you might be expecting her appreciation for funk to shine through immediately. Rather, the song’s funkiness reveals itself over time beneath Perel’s softly spoken German vocals, shifting perspective on a song all about

In a press release, Perel explained the song’s lyrics in greater detail:

The lyrics are about a vision of a world without constructed boundaries/borders. Sometimes I feel like we can’t see what really matters, and so we give away lot of opportunities. “Die Dimension” (‘the dimension’ in English) paraphrases an escape from physical and psychological limits, as well as linear and one dimensional models

“Die Dimension” is Perel’s first track with DFA and a glimpse into her world ahead of the release of a full length album, due out next year. You can order the single here.

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