‘Dominos’ May Not Be As Catchy As ‘Young Folks’ But Peter Bjorn And John Still Got Moves

Recording artists/possible Swedish law firm Peter Bjorn and John have a new music video at the ready. That’s always a sensible move when you’re in what insiders sometimes refer to as “the music industry.”

The trio, who are known best for their 2006 bit of whistle-aided brain glue “Young Folks,” have unveiled the promo for “Dominos,” a track that’s an agreeable merger of slick and gooey alt-pop with the production touch of Paul Epworth going for it. The clip itself sadly isn’t an all-star tribute to Domino Rally, but rather a big ol’ “what if people were like dominos” style set-up. Not unlike Culture Club, the assorted faces you see in the video will Tumble 4 Ya. The Stockholm-set video feels remarkably Swedish and that makes sense because… well, Stockholm. Toss in some shots of the band performing at a subway station and there’s your video in full.

Mind you, you probably came here to watch the video and not read a synopsis. You can give “Dominos” a watch for yourself by hitting play on that mysterious YouTube rectangle located at the top of the post. (Please consult a doctor or domino expert before recreating the actions of this video.) Peter Bjorn and John’s latest album Breakin’ Point is out now. Get it here.