Pharrell Williams Brought The Extremely Old House Down At The World Indoor Bowls Championships

If you asked me to describe the sport of ‘Bowls,’ I’d probably say “bocce ball played on a soccer field?” The next steps would be admitting that I know nothing about classy European bowling sports and calmly directing you to the Bowls Wikipedia page for further information.

Anyway, here’s what you need to know to enjoy this video: people who attend the World Indoor Bowls Championships are young and hip and great at dancing and love a good Pharrell Williams track. Warning, though … don’t let your children see this clip. It could give them wild ideas about love and freedom and independence, and suddenly you’ll have these long-haired little weirdos running around your house clapping out of time, yammering on about the difference between Crown Green Bowling and Short Mat Bowls.

(I don’t know either.)
(These old people are adorable.)

Pharrell Williams song gets World Bowls crowd rocking from Kenny Giles on Vimeo.

h/t to BBC