The Philadelphia Eagles Celebrated Their Super Bowl Spot By Rapping Meek Mill Word For Word

Getty Image

Meek Mill may be away from the city of Philly physically, but not in spirit. So many prominent figures in Philadelphia have shown the MMG rapper some love since he’s been incarcerated on a controversial probation violation. There was 76ers Co-Owner Michael Rubin who visited Meek while incarcerated and wrote a letter in his defense. Ditto “The Process” Joel Embiid, who has developed a relationship with Meek since joining the 76ers. It’s commendable that they took time to visit Meek, which is a sign of his status in the city. When he raps, “I run my city,” he may not be lying.

The 2017 Philadelphia Eagles are on their way to becoming Philadelphia icons, but first decided to show some love to Meek, who may already be one. After the Eagles defeated the Minnesota Vikings and advanced to their first Super Bowl since 2006, they decided to celebrate with some music — instead of climbing “crisco poles.” That’s no surprise, but it was a pleasant sight to see them not just getting amped to Meek’s “Dreams And Nightmare Intro,” but rapping it word-for-word in the Locker room. The footage was posted to Diddy’s Instagram account as well as Meek’s own official account.

His iconic intro resonates with so many people. Feverishly rapping his track has become the main way to pay homage since he’s been incarcerated. From demonstrators advocating for his freedom to the Eagles, everyone seems to love the energetic track. Hopefully he’ll be back to perform it himself sooner than later.