Pinch Yourself, Because Nick Carter And Chad Kroeger Were Dancing Together At Kate Upton’s Birthday Party

As you may already be aware, Kate Upton turned twenty-two last week and to celebrate, she had dinner with her boyfriend and some friends at a Chicago steakhouse before moving on to the Underground, an after hours club — when who rolled in but Nickleback’s Chad Kroeger and some cool dudes from the Backstreet Boys: Nick Carter and Howie Dorough.

And, lo, that’s how the greatest ever sentence known to mankind came to be written, via E! Online:

Howie left early in the night, while Nick left at 3 a.m. and Chad stayed until closing. Nick and Chad seemed to be having a great time, dancing on top of podiums and were interactive with crowd, according to the eyewitness.

Just putting it out there, but my birthday is in two months and some change, and if anyone out there can get a hold of video footage of Chad Kroeger and Nick Carter dancing at a club together, it would be the best birthday gift anyone has ever given me and I would make a gif out of it and use it in every post. Cat video? Don’t matter: Chad and Nick dancing. Florida criminal story? Chad and Nick dancing. Chad Kroeger and/or Nick Carter news? Oh, you’d better believe Chad and Nick dancing.

So you see, it wouldn’t just be a gift for me, but a gift for the world. You’re welcome in advance.

(E! Online via The Big Lead)