Pitbull Declares ‘Climate Change’ Is Coming With His New Album And Single ‘Greenlight’

Climate Change is imminent, but like in a good way. (Although, still in that bad way too.) That’s the title the Dale! lifestyle guru Pitbull has selected for his latest LP as his discography continues to sound like chapters from an environmental studies textbook. If Mr. 305’s charter schools do not have textbooks with album titles for chapters, they’re totally missing out.

Seeing as Pitbull is a generous soul that’ll pop up as a featured artist for other recording acts, it only stands to reason that his new full-length would boast a stuffed guest list. Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, Jason Derulo, Travis Barker, Prince Royce, R. Kelly, Leona Lewis, and Robin Thicke are all earmarked for Climate Change, due out on October 7.

“I feel like every time we put out an album, we change the climate in the music business,” said the “Timber” tune vendor when chatting with Entertainment Weekly. “We’re always ahead of the game and willing to try new things.”

Speaking of new things, Miami’s answer to Daddy Warbucks has a brand new shiny video to get into a sweaty August frenzy over. The promo for the marvelous consent rulez jam “Greenlight” made its debut today with track co-stars Flo Rida and Lunchmoney Lewis in tow. Expensive looking automobiles are taken for a spin, attractive women do attractive women in music video things and Pitbull makes a point to let you know that he’s good at hug-n-kiss private time. “Greenlight” will likely be injected directly into your brain when the inevitable Sandals marketing pair-up happens, so it’s best to enjoy this sunny treat and all its goofy charms ahead of time.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)