Plies Was Wearing A ‘Home Alone’ T-Shirt When He Was Arrested For DUI

Plies was popped for driving under the influence back in January. The rapper turned Instagram comedian and viral sensation was pulled over near Tampa Florida on suspicion of the charge and later arrested after he refused the Breathalyzer test. Now, police dash cam footage of the arrest obtained by TMZ gives a look at the situation and it’s rather uneventful as police interactions go, besides the fact that Plies has on a Home Alone shirt that no 40-year-old man should be wearing in public in the first place.

The rapper, who’s probably best known these days for running off from the plug twice, doesn’t try to resist arrest or even plead with the cops that he’s only had “two beers” like most people would do. Instead, he’s actually very compliant with the officers’ orders and informs them he has a registered firearm in the car, which doesn’t seem to alarm the cops very much. Plies actually looks dismayed, sort of like the Sticky Bandits did after Kevin McCallister foiled them in the movie that inspired Plies’ shirt.

The rapper, real name Algernod Lanier Washington, was then taken to Hillsborough County Jail and booked. He bailed out within hours on a $500 bond. We should all take away two important things: one, call an Uber instead of drinking and driving and, two, don’t wear goofy shirts in public because you never know what can happen.